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Sabres Earn Valuable Two Points

It was one of those proverbial four-point games on Saturday night and the Sabres came out on top.  Like i mentioned in the game thread, this was as big a game as you could play in the month of January.  It was about confidence, it was about beating the Canes and most importantly it was about an important two points in the standings.

Unfortunately I was unable to watch the game once again so I leave the game recaps to the powers that be.  I do have a few observations however.

  • It was great to look at the game summary late last night and see that everyones favorite wipping boy (Tim Connolly) scored not one but two goals last night.  Please stay healthy Timmy!
  • It seems that with every game Ryan Miller is more and more like the Ryan Miller from 2006-2007 instead of last years version of Millsie.
  • Since I didn't see the game so I'm basing this solely on statistics but I don't like the Sabres getting out shot 19-5 in the third period.  You can't always rely on the Goalie to do the work.
  • In the game highlights they show four Ryan Miller saves in the third period.  I guess he was pretty good in the third.

 Game Recaps

Roll Call

Just under 100 comments on the night but it looked like some spirited conversation.  The good news is that I should make most of the remaining games and the bad news is that the All-Star game and West Coast trip are going to take some steam out of this thing.  Anyway, thanks to everyone that participated and see you on Monday for the next game thread.  Don't forget to post a fanpost if you have something you want to say that hasn't been said already.

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Next Up

The Buffalo Sabres have headed south to take on the Florida Panthers on Monday night and the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wednesday night.  Make sure to check out Litter Box Cats to see what they have to say about the game.