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Buffalo Sabres vs. Carolina Hurricanes [Game Thread]

This is the all-time worst open thread I have ever done. Unfortunately I have been on my feet for 12 straight hours and it's really late when I'm writing this. I hope that this becomes the best open thread ever because of your participation.

One can only hope that the Sabres can play tonight like the did the final 45 minutes in Dallas. This team becomes more and more confusing everyday. It's impossible to predict what is going to happen from shift-to-shift let alone from game-to-game.

Buffalo pulled out an amazing win on Thursday in Dallas but it means nothing without a win in this game. I know there is no such thing as a playoff game in January and this game isn't a playoff game but it is against a team that the Sabres are currently, and probably will be battling for a playoff spot.

Oh more thing...I hate the Hurricanes! GO SABRES!!!