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Sabres come from behind to nip Stars

Opponents Perspective:  Defending Big D

With the late starting time on the East Coast, many people gave up on this team when they fell behind 3-0 less than 23 minutes into the game.  Who could blame them?  This was the same team that was thoroughly outplayed on Wednesday night in Chicago.  This was the team that failed to convert on a six minute power play on Wednesday.  Those people will be waking up with a big surprise on Friday morning.  The Buffalo Sabres scored three third period goals and Derek Roy and Jason Pominville scored in the shootout to give Buffalo a 5-4 victory.

This is the type of victory this team should be able to build off of.  On Wednesday they looked like a team that lacked confidence.  They didn't lack confidence tonight.  They battled back from a 3-0 deficit and then from a 4-2 deficit as well.  The Sabres scored as many goals in the third period as they had scored in the previous three games.  They had 20 shots in the final 25 minutes of this game after being held to 23 shots Wednesday and 22 shots Saturday against Detroit.

It was sometime in the second period when the momentum seemed to change.  It's easy to point towards the fight by Paul Gaustad but they were already playing better at that point.  If it wasn't his fight that turned things around it may have been his goal or maybe it was his second goal.  Point being that Goose was a beast tonight.  He scored two goals, had a big fight and was a physical force all night.  Unfortunately he seemed to injure himself on a hard hit late in the game...let's hope it's not serious.

Is tonight's a game a sign of a team that is turning the corner?  I'm reluctant to say that because we have seen this before.  At times this team looks unbeatable and at other times they look like they couldn't beat a Midget team.  In fact we seen both teams tonight.  For 20 minutes they looked awful and like they might lose 6-0.  After all, this was the same Dallas team that dominated the Detroit Red Wings on Monday night.  Instead of folding, the other Sabres team decided to show up for the second part of the game.

Harry Neale Quote of the Game

Harry went to the shootout tonight as well to come up with his quote of the game.  It was in reference to Mike Ribeiro putting the puck through his legs on his shootout attempt.

That was a hambone move...trying to put the puck through your legs when you have a chance to win the game.

Roll Call

It started out to be a decent game thread but after the Sabres fell behind 3-0 I found myself alone.  As George Thorogood once said..."I drink alone, yeah with nobody else"

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Up Next

The Sabres are off on Friday and play at home against Carolina on Saturday.  It's always fun to play the Canes and it always creates some verbal sparring with all the Caniacs.  Saturday will be the Sabres last home game in the month of January...that may not be a bad thing.