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Buffalo Sabres :Weekend Review

Before the weekend began I think any Sabres fan would have been happy taking two points against tough opponents on back-to-back nights.  So now I ask if you are happy that the Sabres earned two points because of their shootout win on Friday night against the Rangers?

In my opinion there are positives and negatives to this past weekend.  I guess that's the case with just about any game but I felt that this weekend would be a good barometer as to where this team was going forward.  I came away not entirely displeased.  If nothing else it was a really good learning experience to find out where they need to get better.

There are probably more negatives than positives but I list my opinions below.

Weekend Positives

  • The positives begin with Ryan Miller.  He played in back-to-back games (something he doesn't do often) and was outstanding both nights.  He was the reason the Sabres were able to earn two points this weekend.  He stopped 88-of-92 shots on goal in the two games.  He stopped 43-of-44 on Friday and 45-of-48 in a 3-1 loss on Saturday.
  • Derek Roy scored both Sabres goals this weekend.  He has probably been the Sabres best player over the past month although he has been criticized in the blogs and by Head Coach Lindy Ruff at times.
  • Two of a possible four points against tough opponents.
  • Hanging in with the Wings in the second game of back-to-back with game two on the road.

 Weekend Negatives

  • Outshot 92-55 and mostly outplayed in both games.
  • Only two goals and only one goal scorer.  They need more people to contribute offensively to win hockey games.
  • Allowing more than 40 shots in consecutive games.
  • Four game winning streak snapped with the loss to Detroit Saturday.

Feel free to add your positives and negatives in the comments section.