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Ryan Miller powers Sabres victory

It was another game that I didn't get to see but all indications were that Ryan Miller was outstanding.  I was stat watching all night and the Rangers seemed to dominate the Sabres for most of the game but they got Miller to steal one.

How many times have I said that good teams have a Goalie that can steal a game or two when the team doesn't play well?  Well tonight that happened folks.  Are the Sabres turning into a good team?  It may actually be true, they may be ready to make a run to the playoffs.

Because I didn't get to see the game I will save the analysis for those who did.  I just wanted to comment on the play of the Goalie because the thought of Ryan Miller becoming a guy who can steal a game...well quite frankly, it has me excited. Recap

Ryan Miller had this to say...

"It was fun. I can't imagine Steve's feeling as high about it, but he should be happy with his game," Miller said. "He played really well. These nights don't come around too often where you go head-to-head with the other guy."

Ex-Sabre Chris drury had this to say...

"Both were good," said Rangers captain Chris Drury, a former Buffalo star. "Ryan's one of the best in the league. You could tell right from the start he was locked in pretty good. It was a heck of a game by him."

I also have to mention that it was another shootout win.  t's always better to win in regulation but it's nice that this team has been able to win these games this season.  Miller seems to be back to himself in the shootout and Kotalik is almost automatic.