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Larry Quinn and Dan Dipofi are minority owners

Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano announced today that Managing Partner Larry Quinn and Chief Operating Officer Dan Dipofi were granted minority ownership in the team.  This isn't completely shocking because Golisano had already taken a step back from the team last season and it's assumed he will step back even further this season.

The question that everyone is asking is, what does this mean for the team itself?  The answer is, not a whole lot.  I expect that the team will continue to operate in the same fashion it has since Goolisano bought the team back in 2003.  Tom Golisano always said that he was not a hockey guy but he was a business man.  The team will continue to operate accordingly.

The bigger question is regarding Larry Quinn.  It's no secret that Larry Quinn is not well liked by some members of the media and some less informed fans.  Quinn gets criticism for making bad decisions regarding the teams finances but the reality is that if they don't operate that way they will probably be playing somewhere else.  Quinn is definitely the person making the final decision when it comes to player contracts but he is also the person that is in charge of making sure the team makes money.  I guess I understand a little bit more than some others because in my day job I am management and sometimes you have to make tough decisions on people.

This is certainly a story to keep following but it's not really a big deal at this point.  What are your thoughts on this move and on Larry Quinn.