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Sabres lose in Hockeyville



Preseason Game #2

Buffalo Sabres  2  (0-2-0-0)

Montreal Canadiens  3   (1-1-0-0)

Roberval Community Arena




The Buffalo Sabres fell to 0-2 on the pre-season but the game in Roberville was fantastic and they gave the fans a real show.  The Sabres trailed 3-0 after two periods but just like Monday night in Toronto, they put together a third period comeback before falling short. 

What they did right

Roy is up to his old tricks

Derek Roy scored a really pretty goal to put the Sabres on the scoreboard early in the third period.  Roy was allowed to walk in on goal and instead of passing he skated in and switched to the backhand to beat Canadiens goalie Marc Denis.  It was a very creative play that could make you say wow but we are used to Roy doing things like that.  It was good to see Roy put the puck in the net early in the pre-season.

Gerbe could be a star

There has been plenty of talk about Gerbe being too small to play in the NHL, in the third period he showed why he can be a superstar in this league.  The guy was all over the place and he wasn't afraid to get involved physically either.  He scored his first NHL goal to put the Sabres within one when he skated up the wing a drilled a slap shot by Denis.  It was a goal that could be termed "a goal scorers goal".  If he continues to play the way he did in the third period, Lindy Ruff will have a hard time keeping him off the opening day roster.

What they did Wrong

Powerless Play

After beginning the season with three power play goals on Monday the Sabres failed to score a power play goal in Roberville.  To make matters worse they allowed the Canadiens to score two short handed goals, the eventual difference in the game.  The Sabres also allowed a short handed goal against the Leafs on Monday.  This will be an area of concern this week in practice.


The Sabres will practice this week before meeting the Toronto Maple Leafs at home on Saturday night.  It's just over two weeks till the games are for real, are you as ready as I am?

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