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Pominville locked up

It is a comforting thought for Sabres fans to know that Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville are all locked up until 2013-2014 and Derek Roy is locked up until 2012-2013.  If you're interested in some other players, Goose and Hecht are here till 2012.  That is a pretty good core of players that will be here for a long time.  The topic today is the signing of Jason Pominville and what it means to the team.

The signing of Pominville assures the Sabres that their top four forwards are now locked up. Vanek and Roy seem to mesh well together and Hecht and Pommer mesh well, all four players will be here for at least another four years.  The other player on both lines is interchangeable although the likely candidates are Tim Connolly, Ales Kotalik, Maxim Afinogenov and Drew Stafford.

The more important part of this signing is that the Sabres are locking up their young talented players.  It's kind of funny to see all the players the team has signed recently and how much money they have had to spend doing it.  Is it just me or has Bucky been very quiet lately?  Sabres management has proven to everyone they are committed to winning and they have a plan in place, best of all they don't care if the media agrees with their plan.  It's time we all applaud management and their commitment to putting a winning team on the ice.