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Buffalo Sabres Camp Roster: The Final Chapter

It should be easy to talk about the Goalies because we all know who will be playing most of the games.

Primetime Player

  1. Ryan Miller- There is no plural with the goalies, Miller will be getting 65-70 starts if he is healthy.  Miller signed a huge contract extension despite having a subpar season in 2007-2008, expect him to play with a chip on his shoulder this season.

Likely to make Roster

  1. Patrick Lalime- Barring injury, expect Lalime to be the backup for the entire season.  If everything goes according to plan, he will play 15-20 games and will keep the team in games.  Lalime did an outstanding job as a backup in Chicago last year.

Not yet ready for Primetime

  1. Jhonas Enroth-  Enroth is a big time prospect with the Sabres.  He was signed by the Sabres in the off-season and will play in North America for the firts time.  He has put up big numbers in Sweden and in the World Juniors, now he has an opportunity to try his luck in the AHL.