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Sabres prepare for Camp

It's been quite around here and around the Buffalo Sabres but things are getting ramped up in the Queen City.  The Sabres prospects came to town today to begin their workouts and the rest of the team will report on Friday.  Saturday is puck drop 2008 and the first official open practice and the unveiling of the Sabres new third jersey.  I have plenty of roster talk planned for the rest of the league but for today we'll see what everyone else is saying about the season.

Sabres Need a Fast Start

John Vogl at the Buffalo News has really ramped up his coverage of this season and so far he has done an outstanding job.  Here is a piece about the Sabres needing a fast start.

“We’ve got to push ourselves back in that playoff picture,” he said. “I felt last year we didn’t get off to the type of start we needed to get off to. Losing the first couple of games put us in an instant hole, and I think if you look back, when you get off to a good start it sets you up for the whole year.

“I don’t think we had quite enough focus going into the season. The focus will be on: We need to be ready.”

I think Lindy hit the nail on the head in this quote.  The Sabres were too busy thinking about the off-season instead of thinking about playing hockey.  This season should be much better.

If you still have time to read about the Sabres try these links...

  • Vogl writes about the players who have been here playing pick-up games at the Ahmerst Pepsi Center.
  • Tim Kennedy is the latest player to have a blog...welcome to the blogosphere Tim.
  • I hate to ruin your fun on Saturday but the picture of the third jersey has been confirmed.
  • If you're looking for a new DVD to add to your collection, The Winter Classic is being relased on DVD.
  • Finally, the Sabres made an announcement for an increased presence on the web.  It also talks about TV plans for the season and years to come.  It sounds like an opportunity for a Die by the Blade post-game show after road games.

I'm not sure how you feel but I am really excited for the Sabres to start playing hockey.  The first Pre-Season game will be next week Monday against the Leafs in Toronto.  It's only a week away folks...let's start getting ready.  I know the Bills are 2-0 and I'm happy too but it's hockey season now.