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Numminen Re-signs with the Sabres


Once again I am late to the party because this has been talked about all day.  The important thing is that the Sabres have signed their seventh defenseman.  This is a big signing because it will allow Mike Weber to begin the season in Portland and he will be the first guy called up after an injury occurs.   The signing also erases any talk about how poorly the Sabres treated Teppo last year.  If he held a grudge he wouldn't of signed, if he can forget it than you should too.

Sabres Projected lines


Vanek Roy Stafford
Hecht Connolly Pominville
Paille Gaustad Kotalik
Kaleta Mair Afinogenov

Extras: Clarke MacArthur, Andrew Peters

Keep in mind that there is still a potential that Afinogenov could be traded.  In all honesty he doesn't really fit well on the fourth line but injuries will definitely happen and there will be a spot on one of the top lines for him.


Tallinder Lydman
Spacek Rivet
Sekera Numminen

Extras: Nathan Paetsch

The Sabres defense will be much better with Teppo in the lineup and Weber playing in the AHL where he can improve his game.

Leave us a comment with your line combinations and we'll compare and discuss what this team will look like in two months.