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Report: Dineen to Coach Pirates

It remains relatively quiet as far as Sabres news is concerned but the Portland Pirates announced that a press conference will take place tomorrow at 2 PM to announce their new head coach. {Update 6:01 PM}  The Buffalo News is reporting that Kevin Dineen will be named the head coach of the Portland Pirates. This is an important choice because the Sabres are going to rely heavily  on their minor league system for years to come.  The Sabres have proven that they don't have the financial resources to keep most of their high-priced talent and they are going to rely on good drafting and good development from their farm system.  Any guesses on who the next coach will be?  I have already mentioned Scott Arniel in the past but I'm not sure what his contract status is with Manitoba.

In other unrelated news and somewhat sad news...ex-Sabres defenseman John Van Boxmeer suffered a heart attack yesterday.  He is expected to make a full recovery and we all wish him the best.  As a kid I remember watching the Sabres play with him in the lineup, he was always a favorite of mine.  It was probably because he was a defenseman but he could score goals and because he has a cool name.