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Aud Memories live on

There was a story in the Buffalo News today detailing how the City of Buffalo is planning to auction off 1700 Blue Seats and the dasher boards from "The Aud".  I probably won't have enough money to bring a piece of "The Aud" to my house but it's a nice piece of nostalgia if you can afford it. 

The Aud had plenty of memories for a lot of people, including myself.  It's really difficult to decide what would be my most memorable moment, I attended numerous Sabres games and I was a Buffalo Bandits season ticket holder.  It may sound crazy but my most memorable memory from The Aud was a 7-5 win over the Quebec Nordiques in November of 1985.  I was 10 years-old and sat in the "Reds" with my friend Charlie Snyder.  Gilbert Perreault scored a natural hat trick and there were numerous fights.  It was meaningless regular season game but the memories have lasted a lifetime.

Let's keep in mind that I am not old enough to remember the French Connection and the Sabres had some really good teams in the early 80's as well.  I've even heard stories about the Buffalo Bisons of the AHL before The Aud was expanded for the NHL in 1970.  I would love to hear what your greatest memory of The Aud is.