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Buffalo Sabres '09 Rankings

Since there is nothing substantial to talk about regarding the Buffalo Sabres, let's talk a little bit about NHL '09 by EA Sports.  They released their rankings a couple of weeks ago and the entire Sabres team rankings can be viewed here.  I know that in the grand scheme of things, these rankings mean very little but why not just drum up some conversation.  Lets' list the best Sabres player in each category.

Offensive Awareness Max Afinogenov 90
Deking Max Afinogenov 92
Checking Andrew Peters 88
Agility Max Afinogenov 93
Passing Derek Roy, Tim Connolly 84
Discipline Jason Pominville, Tim Connolly 89
Toughness Andrew Peters, Craig Rivet 87
Acceleration Max Afinogenov 92
Slap Shot Accuracy Jason Pominville 85
Slap Shot Power Craig Rivet 88
Endurance Jaro Spacek, Thomas Vanek 86
Wrist Shot Accuracy Thomas Vanek 86
Wrist Shot Power Thomas Vanek 85
Puck Control Max Afinogenov 87
Defensive Awareness Craig Rivet 86
Poise Jaro Specek 90
Shot Blocking Craig Rivet 94
Deflections Thomas Vanek 86
Speed Max Afinogenov 92
Faceoffs Paul Gaustad 85
Aggression Andrew Peters 91
Balance Andrew Peters 90
Durability Paul Gaustad 91

Again...I don't think this means much but what do you think about the rankings?  I didn't list the goalie stats because there are only two goalies.  I'm guessing they never seen Andrew Peters skate if they think he has the best balance on the team.  Derek Roy has better balance than Adam Mair...are you kidding me?  Roy falls over if you blow on him too hard.  Anyway just a little bit of fun looking at the rankings...what do you think?