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Crashing the Net

Since there has been almost no Sabres news lately I thought it would be a good time to look around the internet to see what might be out there.  The reality is that there isn't much, unless you are interested in the Olympics (and I am not).  There is some relevant news out there, you just have to find it...

  • Sam McCaig at The Hockey News has an interesting blog post about teams that are facing a make it or break it season and he lists the Sabres as one of the teams.

Buffalo Sabres
No, the Sabres aren’t about to fold up shop and leave town. But the team that made back-to-back runs to the conference final before falling flat last season – missing the playoffs – needs to re-establish itself as an Eastern Conference contender. If someone (say, Thomas Vanek) steps up as a game-breaker, the Sabres have the depth and the defense to keep pace with the league’s top teams. The supporting cast has to be just that, however.

I don't necessarily agree that the Sabres are facing a make it or break it season but I do think they need to see some improvement over last season.  I find it odd that teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs are left off the list while the Sabres, Avalanche and Predators are on the list.  I also thought it was strange that the Islanders were on the list, since they publicly stated that they are turning to youth.

  • Honk if you Love Justice is another Buffalo Sabres blog and they have a post up about our friends the Carolina Hurricanes.  I guess the Caniacs aren't as strong as they would like us to believe after all.  They certainly fill up the building when the Sabres come to town but it's a tough sell the rest of the time.
  • The Sabres have definitely turned to youth despite the criticism they have received in the media.  James Mirtle explains that turning to youth is becoming more of the norm in the league.  Teams can not afford to pay veterans because the young guys are making so much money.  I guess Darcy and Larry have good vision and some members of the media don't.