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Sabres news and notes

It's time to get caught up on everything that is going on with the Buffalo Sabres.  It has been a couple of days since I posted anything about the team, which is a sign of the summer slowdown in the hockey world.  There has been some news regarding the team, but very little.  I expect that we will see some things happen in the nest couple of days.

  • The Sabres announced that they will be unveiling their third jersey at an open practice on September 20.  The rumor is that it will be a version of the old school blue jersey with the old logo.  That isn't a surprise because Larry Quinn announced two years ago that they would wear that jersey and slowly make it a darker blue.
  • The Portland Pirates are still in need of a coach after Randy Cunneyworth was signed by the Atlanta Thrashers to be an assistant coach.  Cunneyworth had been very public about his desire to coach in the NHL and now he has that opportunity.  That leaves Buffalo in the hunt for a minor league coach, a very important because of the amount of injuries that happen in the league.  The minor league system has never been more important than it is today in the NHL.
  • The Sabres also announced their new tiered ticket prices for this season and decided to cash in on the crazy Leafs fans that head down the QEW every time the Leafs play in Buffalo.  There are people that are criticizing this tactic but  it helps keep the rest of the ticket prices down so it's a good deal for the fans.  Most of us won't be able to go see the Leafs or the random February game against the Habs but I'm sure we can go see another game.  They also lowered the price of the gold games, allowing more people to be able to afford tickets to see decent opponents. 
  • It was reported last week that the Sabres were close to signing Teppo Numminen but we haven't heard anything recently.  It would be a good signing because it would allow Weber to start the season in Portland and Numminen could be used sparingly as the seventh defenseman.
  • It has been very quiet concerning Jason Pominville as well.  I'm sure the Sabres are trying their hardest to get him signed but he is going to get paid and I bet the Sabres are trying to keep that number down as low as possible.  If you take a look around the league and see what guys are signing for, it becomes painfully obvious that Pommer is getting paid.  I think eventually this will get done but the question is... at what cost?