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Sabres next move

The Buffalo Sabres made a couple of interesting moves this weekend when they traded Steve Bernier to Vancouver on Friday and than almost immediately acquired Craig Rivet from the San Jose Sharks.  I've already weighed in with my thoughts on the acquisition of Rivet, today we have another matter to discuss.  The question at hand is, what will be Darcy's next move?

Is it unfathomable that they stand pat and don't make another move?  I don't think it is but they already stated they would like to be at around $50 million when the season starts and based on my calculations the Sabres are over that mark.  I have the Sabres salary currently at $50.2 million and they have not yet signed Daniel Paille or Clarke MacArthur.

The Sabres are probably still exploring their options regarding Max Afinogenov and whether or not they have any takers.  All indications are that the Sabres are putting more value on a soon to be 29 year-old underachieving forward than the rest of the league is.  The Sabres are going to have to make a move of some sort because they could still use another D-man and they have no money to do it with.

Afinogenov is not the Sabres only option to allow some salary cap room.  They have a couple of other players that could be canidates to move elsewhere in the off-season.  Tim Connolly and Ales Kotalik are both unrestricted after next season and could be attractive to another team.  Kotalik is a solid power play performer and Tim Connolly has plenty of offensive capabilities.  Both players have a downside as well but they could get some attention if offered to a team in need of offensive help.

The Sabres roster is in need of a change because of salary but don't expect Darcy Regier to be forced into a trade.  He is known for being extremely patient and I would expect that this situation will be the same.