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Cunneyworth heads to Hotlanta

It appears that Randy Cunneyworth has finally landed a NHL coaching job.  He signed on as an assistant coach with the Atlanta Thrashers.  As a Sabres fan it's a shame that he is no longer with the franchise but it was not a secret that he coveted a job in the NHL somewhere and somewhere turned out to be Atlanta.  We are sorry to see you go Cunney but we wish you all the best.

I think it's still too early to guess on a replacement but I'm guessing it will be someone that Lindy will feel comfortable working with.  I know Scott Arniel left Buffalo to be the head coach of the Manitoba Moose, I'm not sure if they can lure him away but I know that Lindy would feel comfortable working with him.  This will be a situation to keep our eye on because the Sabres future depends on the development of their prospects.