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Sabres commit to Miller

I'm not breaking any news here about Ryan Miller since it has been the big news of the day but it's good to see the Sabres make a commitment to an important cog on the team.  Sabres management has been harshly criticized and maybe now they have proven that they are committed to winning.  A quick glance at the Sabres salary makes it clear why they could not keep some very popular players.

I was among a large group of fans that have been preaching this for awhile now but some writers in the local paper continued to insist that the Sabres were not committed to winning.  I think today the Sabres proved once and for all why some writers work for the paper while they are in charge of running a NHL franchise.  I'd be interested to see what this team would like if Chris Drury, Daniel Briere and Brian Campbell were all making $5 million per  season, I'm guessing they would not be too competitive  in two or three years.