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Getting to know Craig Rivet


As I did earlier in the week with Patrick Lalime, I asked a fellow SB Nation blogger to help us get to know our new acquisition.  It's a good thing I did because Diecast Dude over at Fear the Fin has a much different take than I did about Craig Rivet.

Rivet is a solid defenseman.  His style leans more toward tactical/positional than physical, but he'll throw a check when the situation warrants.  He's also a solid teammate who will on occasion go completely postal against a player on the other team he feels is taking liberties with one of his own.  He seldom beats himself and is seldom caught out of position or faked out.  I absolutely hated to see him leave; it was strictly a salary cap deal.  He'll contribute offensively every once in a while, but it's not his main thing.  He's not flashy, but if you know hockey you'll deeply appreciate having him on your team.

It appears that Rivet will not shy away from physical contact but he doesn't search for it either.  In my opinion this is the perfect defenseman for the Buffalo Sabres.  I still question whether or not he will live up to his contract for the entire three years but at the moment it seems like a solid pick up for Darcy and company.