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Spanning the Web

Every once in awhile (not nearly as often as I should)  I like to take a look at what other blogs are saying about the Sabres or the NHL in general.  There is no shortage of talk regarding the Buffalo Sabres right now.  They have signed Jhonas Enroth, Tim Kennedy and Dennis Persson this week, in an effort to fill out the roster for their new AHL affiliate (we all assume it's Portland but I don't think anything is official yet).  Here is an idea of what I'm reading...

  • Kevin at Bflo Blog has been on a blogging tear lately and his post always keep me entertained.  He weighs in with some interesting information regarding the NHL TV ratings.  Keep in mind that both Buffalo and Detroit are bordering Canada and have access to CBC Hockey Night in Canada, I can't imagine how many people are watching that feed instead of NBC.
  • Kevin also shared his thoughts on the almighty king of Buffalo Sports writing.  He also continued on with this and this.  There are some very interesting points made in those posts.  I find it amazing that we have not heard a word about how well the Sabres management has done to get all these prospects signed but last year we had Drury and Briere shoved down our throats at every opportunity.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, It is apparent that Bucky Gleason has a personal vendetta against the Sabres organization (although if you ask him he will deny a snippy and childish manner).
  • Since we are on the topic of hockey on TV, here is an interesting post at Shots from the Crossbar that details how to make hockey on TV better.  Hockey Night in America?  Could it work?  Maybe, it should at least be tried as an idea although I think Versus does that to some extent by showing games on the same night of the week every single week.
  • If you are looking for news or notes regarding Buffalo Sabres Prospects than you have to check out this site .  This week he had one of the most in depth draft previews ever written, it may take you a couple of days to read it because it has so much information.
  • Finally Goose's Roost takes a look back at the Winter Classic .  It is amazing that the Sabres haven't played in almost two months and the Pittsburgh Penguins are getting ready to play game six of the Stanley Cup Finals tomorrow night, we are a long way from the Winter Classic on January 1.  It was only six months ago but it seems like an eternity.