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Sabres Draft Recap

I'll put up a more detailed post on each and every one of the Sabres draft picks but with the draft now in the books lets summarize what the Sabres accomplished.  When all was said and done the Sabres had drafted eight players in six rounds.  The final tally shows them drafting five Canadian players and three Americans, including first round selection Tyler Myers.  After selecting two players named Tyler on day one they managed to draft six players that weren't named Tyler on Saturday.

1st Round

#12 Tyler Myers- Defense  6'7" 204 lbs. (Kelowna-WHL)

Central Scouting says...

"Tyler is the tallest player among the top-rated players. As a defenseman, that height translates into a great poke-check and great stick work. At 6'7", he still has a little bit of growing into his body to do. Obviously comparisons are made to Zdeno Chara, who, it has been said, actually as a junior stumbled when he played for St. George. There may be a night when the large feet of Myers get in his way a little bit, but to hear scouts talk, they won't get in his way for very many more years."

Die by the Blade says...

At six foot seven inches Myers has the body frame of Zdeno Chara but he is the farthest thing from him.  Myers doesn't play with the same edge as Chara but he is also much more talented than Chara was as an 18 year-old.  Myers has the potential to become a top two defenseman for years as a member of the Sabres. 

#26 Tyler Ennis- Center 5'9" 146 lbs. (Medicine Hat-WHL)

Central Scouting says...

"Getting bigger is not something within his control, he's done everything as far as his quickness and offensive development and now I think that it is just ready for him to show it at the next level."

Die by the Blade says...

Ennis fits the mold of a Buffalo Sabres forward.  He is a smallish fast Center that has been compared to Daniel Briere and Martin St. Louis.  The Sabres have plenty of speed throughout the organization, both in the NHL and among their prospects. 

2nd Round

#44 Luke Adam- Center 6'2" 203 lbs. (St. John's-QMJHL)

Central Scouting says...

"Luke has really improved over the season. He is a big player and sometimes big guys take longer to grow into their skating. The upside on Luke is pretty high, he plays big, and he can score."

Die by the Blade says...

It's good to see the Sabres add some size up front.  Many people, myself included, say that the Sabres biggest weakness is their physical play up front.  There is hope that Steve Bernier can bring that but it's also important to add new players for that role.  A quick glance at his 2007-2008 stats shows he can score as well.

3rd Round

#81 Corey Fienhage- Defense 6'2" 190 lbs. (Eastview High School-MN)

Central Scouting says...

"Cory is an aggressive and tough player. He's a great skater with a good wrist shot and big shot from the point. He is really aware of his defensive responsibilities, always looking over his shoulder. He's going to be a warrior. He has a little bit of Coyotes' defenseman Ed Jovanovski in him and there won't be too many people who will want to play against him when he gets going."

Die by the Blade says...

If any of the above is true, the Sabres have just made themselves a much tougher team in the future.  It's impossible to predict what a player will be able to do after high school but it sure sounds good right now.

4th Round

#101 Justin Jokinen- Right Wing 6'2" 165 lbs. (Cloquet High School-MN)

Central Scouting says...

"Justin moved to center this year and he ended up carrying his team to the State tournament. He is tall and skinny right now, but he's a lot like Jamie Langenbrunner was at that age, with a little bit different intensity than Langenbrunner had. When Justin kicks that intensity up he has that snap and finesse that allows him to make big plays. He can come down on the defenseman, use him as a screen and snap the puck off to surprise the goalie. He's one of those guys that has the uncanny ability to put the puck in the net – I think he can be a goal scorer at any level – he just needs to get stronger."

Die by the Blade says...

Jokinen is definitely a project but it's a project that is worth taking at the #101 selection in the draft.  If he is able to grow into his 6'2" frame and get stronger, he has the potential to become a dominant forward at the next level.

# 104 Jordan Southorn- Defense 6'2" 185 lbs. (PEI- QMJHL)

I'm honestly having trouble finding a lot of info on him.  Check out the draft page for some help.

5th Round

#134 Jacob Lagace- Left Wing 5'11" 190 lbs. (Chicoutimi-QMJHL)

Central Scouting says...

"He played on Canada's Under-18 team and deservedly so. Jacob is a good skater and another player who came out of nowhere this season after I saw him quite a bit as an underage player last season. He has good hands – he's not a big player, but he could surprise people if he continues to work hard and improve his game."

Die by the Blade says...

He is another project player but he has the potential to turn into an NHL contributor.  He will only make it with a lot of hard work, his career will be what he puts into it.

6th Round

#164 Nick Crawford- Defense 6'1" 188 lbs. (Saginaw-OHL)

Another guy that I will have to put some more research into before commenting but I assume that he will be another project player.