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Buffalo Sabres Draft Steal # 16

It's the first time that a current Buffalo Sabres player has made the list.  It is a little bit of a stretch to add him to the list but I feel he is worthy because of all the important things he does on the ice.

Paul Gaustad- 2000 (7th round, 220 overall)

Gaustad probably has the lowest goal and point total of any of the players that made this list but he brings leadership, defensive ability and physical play to the Sabres lineup.  He is an important piece of the Sabres current makeup and is deserving of being on this list.

The biggest reason that Gaustad is a draft steal is that he was the sixth player chosen by Buffalo in 2000 and the only one to play in the NHL.  In order the other five, 1st round- Artem Kryukov, 2nd round- Gerard Dicaire, 4th round- Ghyslain Rousseau,5th round- Denis Denisov and 7th round- Vasili Bizyayev.  I know that I haven't heard of any of those players which makes Gaustad all that more important.

Gaustad has played 211 games thus far in his NHL career and I expect that total will rise over the next five or six years.  He has only scored 28 goals and 54 assists for 82 points but he is a plus 11, an impressive number considering he often plays against the other teams top line.  Gaustad will probably re-sign during the summer and he will be the third line Center for the Sabres again next season.