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Sabres trying to move?

It's the final night before the NHL Draft and rumors are swirling all over the place.  There isn't much of substance related to the Sabres but the Buffalo News reports that there are some talks taking place.  It's interesting that the talk is that the Sabres may be trying to move up in the draft.  What would they give up to move up in the pecking order?  There are so many questions regarding the Sabres draft but very few answers at this point.  It's time to take a look at some of the questions...

  • Is Max Afinogenov on the move?-  I honestly think Afinogenov will be an ex-Sabre as of tomorrow evening.  The timing is a little bit unclear but he will be moved.  The Sabres have an abundance of NHL caliber forwards and Afinogenov has the most value amongst the Sabres forwards.  That begs the second question regarding much is he worth?  I think the Sabres could include him along with a pick for a fairly solid NHL player at this point.  Is there any chance they can include him in a package for Olli Jokkinen?
  • Will the Sabres move up in the draft?- I think they may try to move up to the top three but beyond that I'm not sure that it is worth it.  Obviously Steven Stamkos is going number one and I don't think that the Lightning are trading the pick, that leaves the second or third pick.  The L.A. Kings are number two and the Thrashers are number three both may be interested in trading the pick.  I think that Zach Bogosian or Drew Doughty would look mighty fine in a Sabres uniform.
  • Will the Sabres do nothing and draft number 13 and 26?-  This is probably the most likely scenario but it doesn't make a good story.  If you are interested in who the Sabres are going to pick, Sabres has a good post up with some mock drafts .  It appears that the most likely choice is Luca Sbisa, a defenceman for Lethbridge in the WHL.  I honestly don't know a whole lot about Sbisa but from what I've seen I'm not overly impressed.

It should be fun to keep an eye on the draft and the pre-draft festivities.  I'm very interested in what the Sabres and the rest of the league are going to do tomorrow.  I will be watching the NHL draft and I will be posting throughout the night.