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Sabres on the Big Screen

Adam Proteau of the Hockey News had a great post today summarizing each NHL teams season by using a movie title.  It's a great post and I suggest reading the entire thing but lets talk about the Sabres season.

Movie: Spiral
Plot Summary: A team that won the Presidents’ Trophy in 2006-07 falls apart and misses the playoffs after losing a few key members to economic hardships.
Real Review: “…never comes close to hitting the mark of its forebears.” – Ernest Hardy, L.A. Weekly

It's an interesting way to describe the Sabres season but we could get so many different answers depending on who is describing the Sabres season.  It was no secret that the media butted heads with Sabres management this season, amovie that would describe that relationship would be the foreign film "High Tension".

The media may describe the season by using films such as Big Fat Liar (2002 movie with Frankie Muniz and Amanda Bynes) or maybe the comedy classic Dumb and Dumber, to describe Darcy Regier and Larry Quinn.

There are plenty of movies titles that could some up the Sabres season but which one is the best.  Lets take a look at some of the options...

  • Blow (Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz)- A pessimistic view
  • Better Luck Tomorrow (Parry Shenn and Jason J. Tobin)- an optimistic view
  • All about the Benjamins (Ice Cube and Mike Epps)- the reason that Drury, Briere and eventually Campbell left the team.
  • Harsh Times (Christian Bale and Freddy Rodriguez)- a more realistic view of last season.
  • Identity (John Cusack and Amanda Peet)- The Sabres were definitely a team that was searching for an identity.
  • The winner...Reality Bites (Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke)- The harsh reality is that the Sabres just weren't good enough to make the playoffs.  Sure they had the talent but they were unable to put it all together in the end.  I expect that the team will rebound in a big way next season but looking back brings back painful memories of a really bad season.  The fact remains that Reality Bites.