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Catching up on my reading

It's been awhile since I've cleaned out my feed reader and I thought this might be a good time to talk about what I've been reading about the Sabres...

From TBN: Rob Ray sues player union

My initial reaction is "AGAIN", didn't he already do this once?  Rob you weren't a very good player while you were in the league so just be happy that you ever made money playing hockey.  I believe you signed the agreement with the league, stating that the case was closed.

The case was settled for $70,000. After the lockout, the union delivered another payment to players, this time in the amount of $150,000, according to the Star. Again, Ray did not get a check. That is the money the Sabres’ television analyst is seeking.

Man Rob you got screwed, I guess you should have thought twice before you signed the agreement.  I think you're gonna lose this time.

Another TBN story:  Miller named to competition committee

After the season that Miller had do you think he's going to be honest in his assessment of goalie equipment?  I can already tell you how these meetings will go...

Forward:  The goalies are too big, what do you expect me to shoot at?

Goalie:  Don't be mad at me because you suck, those pucks hurt and we need extra padding.

Forward:  If I suck so bad than why do you need extra padding?

Goalie:  Ah well, you still suck!

League Rep:  The goal here guys is to get the score to be 7-6 every night and I don't care how we do it but we aren't leaving here till we figure it out!

Goalie:  Do you have any Snickers because we aren't leaving for awhile.

It will go something like what you see above.

From ESPN- NBC picks up option on NHL games
Who Cares!!

Toronto Star- Reports about Jim Balsille buying the Sabres

Truthfully this one deserves it's own post and I'm going to go ahead and put one up tomorrow.  There is plenty being said about this in both the Mainstream and the blogosphere.

Kevin says it better than I can but I'll weigh in anyway