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Buffalo Sabres Draft steals #20

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There are just 22 days before the NHL Entry Draft that will be held in Ottawa, Ontario.  As a preparation for the draft, Die by the Blade will run a couple of draft features to pass the time.  This feature will look at players that were drafted by the Sabres in the lower rounds and went on to be pretty good NHL players, either with the Sabres or with someone else.

Ken Sutton- 1989 (5th round, #98 overall)

Sutton played his first NHL game for the Buffalo Sabres in the 1990-1991 season, he eventually broke into the lineup for good the following season at the young age of 22.  In his rookie season of 1990-1991 he played only 15 games and scored three goals and six assists which prompted his immediate arrival in the lineup.  In 1992-1993 he had a career high eight goals to go along with his 14 assists.  The following season his goal total dropped to four but his 20 assists gave him 24 points which was a career high. 

On April 7, 1995 the Sabres traded Sutton to the Edmonton Oilers in return for Scott Pearson and his career was never the same.  He spent time with the Oilers, St. Louis Blues, New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders.  He also bounced around the minors and after spending the entire 2002-2003 season with the Albany River Rats in the AHL he eventually retired.

As a young player with the Sabres Sutton was a fixture in the Sabres lineup.  The highlight of his career was scoring three playoff goals in only eight games for the Sabres in 1992-1993.  As a fifth round pick Sutton was a pleasant surprise for the Sabres.  He played a total of 388 regular season games and 32 playoff games in his 11 year career.