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Buffalo Sabres RFA Report: Clarke MacArthur

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This is the third of the free agent reports that I'll be doing over the next couple of weeks.  There is no hurry on getting these done so I have not set a time table on when they will be completed.  There will be posts everyday but we will focus on whatever is news worthy instead of only the free agent reports.

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C  Clarke MacArthur- 6'0", 190 lbs.

07-08  37GP 8G-7A-15P  20PIM
career  56GP  11G-11A-22P  24PIM



MacArthur has the ability to score a goal anytime he is on the ice.  He is a creative offensive player that skates well.  MacArthur has been a point per game player at every level of hockey besides the NHL.  He has natural talent that most hockey players dream about.


Like many young hockey players he struggles with consistency.  MacArthur displayed offensive talent when he played in Buffalo but he would disappear for long stretches while in the NHL.  To this point MacArthur has not lived up to the huge potential that Buffalo thought they had when they drafted him in the third round in 2003.  MacArthur needs to get stronger to play at a more consistent level in the NHL.  If MacArthur can build his strength to become a more consistent player he could potentially be a top six forward in the league.

Bottom Line

MacArthur needs to develop into an offensive forward in the very near future if he will ever become an everyday NHL forward.  He needs to work out in the off-season to become stronger and to hopefully increase his confidence.  He may get some attention from other teams but he will come at a relatively cheap price because of his unproven status.

Verdict:  The Sabres will probably re-sign MacArthur in the off-season but he will have to prove in training camp that he deserves to be in the NHL.  If he is sent down to the minors, he will need to clear waivers and some team will probably claim him.