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Random Thoughts and SB Nation update

I hope everyone is excited as I am for the upcoming change of this site and the other hockey sites on SB Nation.  When you come to the site tomorrow it will have a much different look and it will look like this with Sabres colors.  I have seen the site and it will be great looking but even more important is the new features that will allow you to become an even bigger part of the site.  I hope this new platform will spark this community to be what it was always intended to be, a place for you to come and be a huge part in our Sabres community.

I leave you with some reading until tomorrow.  Keep in mind that sometime tonight the site will be down but it will be well worthy the wait I promise. Scott Cullen has his state of the Sabres roster, thanks to Goose's Roost for the pointer. BfloBlog takes you on a trip around the web.  There is also the Sabres site if you are interested in continued reading.