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Buffalo Sabres Name Game

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John Buccigross from ESPN's Sportscenter had a great post this week about all the teams in the NHL.  It's a must read but for today we will focus on the Sabres.  The post basically listed every team and than what comes to mind when you think about them.

Chris Drury, Daniel Briere, fans, bad management. Rick Jeanneret ("La-La-La-La-LaFontaine!" "May Day!"), Dominik Hasek, The French Connection line, The Aud.

There are definitely a few keepers on the list but for some reason I'll never understand why everyone thinks the Sabres have such bad management.  There was no way that the Sabres would have been able to keep Briere, Drury, Roy, Vanek and Pominville.  If I had to keep only three I would definitely keep Roy, Vanek and Pominville, it's a no brainer.  Chris Drury helped the Rangers get to exactly where they were last season and Daniel Brier has disappeared in the Conference Finals again.  I have always questioned Briere's willingness to pay the price for victory and finally people are starting to realize that.

Anyway enough about the same old boring topics of Drury, Brier and management and back to the name game.  One of the new blogs in the Sabres blogs list has their take on the Bucci post.  They add some more interesting takes on the Sabres as well.  Adding in the "Let's Go Buff-a-Lo chant and "ooh ah Sabres on the warpath".  In the comments they added Ted Darling the original voice of the Sabres.  

I have a few to add of my own...

Mike Foligno-  How could you leave off Mike Foligno and his patented jump whenever he scored a goal.  It's quite possible that it's because I was just getting into hockey in the mid eighties but I will never forget Mike Foligno and he was quick to come to my mind during this post.

The Fog Game-  How can anyone possibly think about the Buffalo Sabres and not have memories of the fog game.  That game has to be one of the biggest memories of all time.  Don't forget that in addition to the fog Jim Lorentz hit a bat out of mid-air with his stick.  An all time classic.

If there is anything I'm missing please tell us in the comments.  I want to know what you think about.