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Big Changes are Coming

If you are an avid reader of other SB Nation blogs, than you are probably well aware of the huge changes in the new platform that has been dubbed SB Nation 2.0.  Next Tuesday Die by the Blade and the other hockey blogs will be making the big leap to the new digs.  When you come to the site on Tuesday it will have an entirely new look and tons of new features, features that make you more involved (something that has always been our goal).

I can assure you that the great people that are spear-heading this venture will make the transition as easy as possible.  Trei will put up a post on Die by the Blade explaining all the new features that will allow you to become an even bigger part of the community.  I will be around later in the day to answer any questions that you may have as we move to the next level.

I am extremely excited about the new features that are going to be available and I hope you will be too.  We are taking SB Nation and Die by the Blade to the next level but it won't be possible without a huge contribution from you, our community.  If you haven't joined the community yet go ahead and do it now and you can claim your username when we switch over.  If you are wondering what the changes will look like you can get an idea by visiting any of the MLB, NFL or NBA blogs or you can just visit a couple of my favorites Buffalo Rumblings or Pinstripe Alley.  Stay tuned for much more regarding this exciting time for the Die by the Blade community.