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Bell destroys Alfredsson

In an interesting twist of fate the Ottawa Senators will be without Daniel Alfredsson after a hit that was eerily similar to the one Chris Neil put on Chris Drury last season.  

The Hit on Alfredsson last night

The Hit on Drury last season

There are the two hits so I'll let you be the judge.  Was either hit more violent than the other?  Does it matter that Bell was wearing a cage to protect his face from an injury he had suffered?

For argument sake I'll post a video of what I termed a cheap hit by Alfredsson last season in the playoffs, but went unpunished.

I guess the final analysis is that what comes around goes around.  If you play dirty long enough you get hurt and that is what happened to the Sens.  I wonder what Brian Murray is going to say about this one.

I found it to be interesting that last season Bruce Garrioch defended the hit by Neil and this time it's different, as well as Bryan Murray calling out Lindy Ruff for putting out his fighters and than doing the same thing last night.