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[Open Thread] Buffalo Sabres @ Montreal Canadiens


7:30PM TV:MSG Radio:WGR55

Tonight is the HOLY #%&$ they're still in it edition of the open thread.  A win tonight and tomorrow we root against Boston and Philly again.  Hey all we have is hope and hope dies last.  

If you haven't registered for a free account yet, please do so now and join us during the game.  The purpose of the open thread is to help build the community here at the site.  As the season has progressed we have developed some regular readership and we hope that continues to grow.  It would be great to really get going tonight and in the final games.

Buffalo Leaders

Goals:Thomas Vanek 33
Assists:Jason Pominville 52
Points:Jason Pominville 79
Plus/minus:Jason Pominville +16
PIM:Andrew Peters 100

Canadiens Leaders

Goals:Alex Kovalev 35
Assists:Alex Kovalev 48
Points:Alex Kovalev 83
Plus/minus:Alex Kovalev +17
PIM:Tom Kostopolous 113

Projected Sabres lines