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Sabres playoff chances

I have been saying for days that the Sabres playoff hopes are very remote but if you are interested in just how remote Brad Riter spells it all out for you.  Basically Buffalo needs a lot of help and they need to win both of their remaining games.  If Buffalo loses to Montreal or Boston the season is over on Saturday.  The New York Islanders were in a similar situation last year and everything fell in to place for them and the mad the playoffs only to be beaten by the Buffalo Sabres in five games.

As for tonight we need to see the Flyers, Bruins and Canes all lose and Buffalo wll have a realistic shot at the playoffs.  I'll probably be watching the Bruins game while flipping back and forth between the other games, what game will you be watching?  The Bruins will be playing at New Jersey and the Flyers are playing at Pittsburgh.  The Devils are looking to secure home ice advantage in the first round while the Penguins are trying to earn the top seed in the Eastern Conference.  Point being that both teams have something to play for.  The Canes will be at home against the Lightning, the Lightning are playing only for pride.


It appears that Jaro Spacek is ready to return to the Sabres lineup on Thursday against the Montreal Canadiens.  He will be a welcome addition to the Sabres power play that is 4-for-29 in their past six games and has 37 shots on goal.  Spacek is one of the Sabres best power play contributors despite missing a number of games to injury.  He has seven goals and 14 assists for 21 points in 58 games played.  The real question is, who comes out of the lineup?  I say it's Nathan Paetsch who has been inconsistent at best this season.  I would keep weber and Sekera together while playing Spacek with Pratt.


Teppo Numminen has been activated to the Sabres roster and is no longer suspended but it is highly unlikely that he will play.  Lindy Ruff will be reluctant to play Numminen even if he is healthy with the Sabres in the heat of a playoff race.  It only takes one loss and the season is over, with Numminen not playing all season he probably is not in game shape.