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Sabres earn a point but fall further

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It's tough to put into words what I want to say about this game.  Ultimately the game ended the way it should have with Carolina winning 4-3 but the Sabres were able to steal a point with a gutsy effort in the third period.  The Sabres not only tied the game in the third period but they killed off three Carolina penalties including two in the 4:30 of regulation.  In the end they were unable to kill of a 4-on-3 Hurricanes advantage in the overtime and Scott Walker tipped a wrist shot from the point by Ryan Miller.

The Sabres were lucky to get a point because they were thoroughly dominated for two periods.  It was amazing how Buffalo struggled when they are in the thick of a playoff race.  They certainly didn't look like a playoff team for most of the game and ultimately they may not be a playoff team.  The defensive pairing of Lydman and Kalinin was downright awful, giving the puck away regularly, allowing forwards to get behind them easily but both figured in the scoring for Buffalo as well.  Kalinin set up the Sabres second goal with a great play to feed the puck to Stafford in front and Toni Lydman pinched in and scored a power play goal in the third to tie the game.  In addition to those two I thought Sekera was awful as well.  I would dare to say it was his worst game as a Sabres.  After playing so well, he looked like he didn't belong playing in the NHL tonight.

It will take a much better effort to beat the Rangers on Monday night.  It's another Versus game so be prepared to miss parts of the game due to interviews with people who have no bearing on the game itself.


I'm sure that you already know how the standings are shaking out but in addition to Carolina earning two points tonight, all the teams ahead of Buffalo in the standings earned two points as well.

Montreal: Won 5-2 @ Los Angeles
Ottawa: Won 4-2 @ Phoenix
Boston: Won 2-1 vs. Washington
Philadelphia: Won 4-1 vs. NY Islanders

Games to watch tomorrow:

Boston Bruins vs. NY Rangers
Montreal Canadiens vs. Anaheim