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Buffalo Sabres 5, Philadelphia Flyers 2

As I promised yesterday I was going to live blog the game when I watched it late last night.  I'm not sure it's a live blog as a collection of my warped thoughts.  I am a very unique person to watch a game with and today you'll get a little bit of perspective into that thought.

Pregame...No Briere WooHoo!!!!

1st Period

18:58 Tallinder shoots and Pommer tips it in by Biron...1-0 Buffalo

18:30 Just seconds after a great play Hank almost gives the puck away and gives up a goal.  The story of our season...follow up a good play with a bad one.

17:30 Pratt gets away with an obvious hold and than he falls too boot...this could be a long night.

16:40 Only three minutes played but there isn't a whole lot of flow to the game.  Neither team looks like a playoff team at this point.

16:40 After watching that goal I don't think it ever hit Pomminville in front.  I wonder if they'll give it to will be his first goal.

10:05 WOW what speed by Max...he made Modry look like he is old and slow (oh wait, ahh nevermind).  Max with an unbelievable individual effort puts Buffalo ahead 2-0.  I just hope Philly scores next because we go up 3-0 we all know what will happen.

7:30 Terrible power play for Buffalo...they look slow and tentative.  It's time to let it all hang out your fighting for your playoff lives!

5:26 Here we's time to let Philly back in the game.  Philly wins the draw cleanly and the wrister from the point bounces off of Hank and right to Upshall.  2-1 is the score as we speak.

3:44 WOW...what a horrible call on Randy Jones.  Buffalo needs to take advantage of the gift given to them by the officials.

25.6 Miller is pissed..he went after Hartnell and it created quite a scrum.  Hartnell took two big slashes at Miller after he covered the puck.  Somehow Philly ends up with a power play because Hartnell gets two and both Kaleta and Miller get two.  In addition Kaleta gets 10 and Hartnell doesn't.

3.4 Tallinder is motionless on the ice and the idiot fans are cheering.  I wouldn't expect anything less from the fans who once booed Santa Claus.  The hit was definitely from behind and it didn't get a call.  My feeling on a play like that is that you should be ready to get hit in that situation so it's Hanks fault that he is hurt.

2nd Period

18:59 Look at the snarl on Lindy's face...he looks pissed

15:08 What a shift by Roy-Stafford-Vanek...that was complete domination but bottom line is no goal.

14:09 SOB!!! I thought Gaustad got back in time but he got out worked by Steve Downie and Downie puts it top shelf to tie the game at two.  It's gut check time.

6:02 Dumb penalty by Lydman gets a power play for Philly

1:52 Why is Lydman playing on the power play?  He normally doesn't play on the power play and now Hank is out so Lydman will be playing more.  Good idea put him on the power play, that makes sense.

28.0 Great moves by Vanek draw a hooking call and put Buffalo back on the power play.

3rd Period

18:54 Roy!! Buffalo back on top 3-2 after the Philly defense leaves Roy all alone and Max feeds him a breakaway pass.  Roy made that look easy, beating Marty with the wrister.

18:36 Pominville puts Buffalo ahead 4-2.  Talk about a huge goal.  The Philly defense took another play off and Nolan Pratt made them pay by feeding a pass to Pominville on the goal mouth.

14:05 Afinogenov scores again on an awful play by Philly.  First they allow Max to skate the puck out front and than Marty leaves the whole side open for Max to slip it by.  5-2 now they just need to hang on.  See you later comes Nittymaki

13:14 Another dumb penalty by a Sabres defenseman, this time it's Spacek.  Tell me what harm that guy is going to do behind the net.  

12:04  The Flyers are crumbling quick...they blow a golden opportunity where Roy is hurt behind the play by getting a too many men penalty.

Final Score...Buffalo 5 Flyers 2

Next Game Washington on Wednesday at 7:30PM