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[Open Thread] Buffalo Sabres vs. Montreal Canadiens

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7:30PM TV:MSG Radio:WGR55

It seemed to work yesterday when I kept it short so we'll try it again.  At this point I'll try anything, JUST WIN BABY!!!  I always hated that slogan but I hope it works.

If you haven't registered for a free account yet please do so now and join us for some riveting conversation about the game.  I urge everyone to join in tonight.  The Sabres are in dire straits and I need some company.  There are new bigger and better things coming to this site and now is the time to be a part of it.

Buffalo Leaders

Goals:Thomas Vanek 32
Assists:Jason Pominville 50
Points:Jason Pominville 77
Plus/minus:Jason Pominville +18
PIM:Andrew Peters 100

Canadiens Leaders

Goals:Alex Kovalev 33
Assists:Alex Kovalev 46
Points:Alex Kovalev 79
Plus/minus:Alex Kovalev +17
PIM:Tom Kostopolous 109

Projected Sabres lines