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Playoff Breakdown

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Let's take a quick look at the teams that Buffalo has a realistic shot at catching.  Keep in mind that the Hurricanes and Capitals are also battling for the Southeast division.  There are realistically three spots open with the Canes or Caps assured of getting at least one.

  • Carolina Hurricanes:  5 Games Remaining  (5 points ahead) (Home: Tampa Bay, Florida, Atlanta) (Away: Tampa Bay, Washington)
  • Philadelphia Flyers:  5 Games Remaining  (5 points ahead) (Home: New Jersey) (Away: NY Islanders, New Jersey, Pittsburgh 2)
  • Boston Bruins: 5 Games Remaining  (5 points ahead) (Home: Ottawa, Buffalo) (Away: Buffalo, New Jersey, Ottawa)
  • Washington Capitals: 4 Games Remaining  (3 points ahead) (Home: Carolina, Tampa Bay, Florida) (Away: Florida)
  • Buffalo Sabres: 5 Games Remaining  (Home: Montreal, Boston) (Away: Toronto, Montreal, Boston)

As it looks right now, we need to be rooting against Boston and Philly because they have difficult schedules.  If Buffalo doesn't take care of their own business it really won't matter.