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Did I read that right

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I'm not sure exactly what happened but either hell froze over or I am dreaming.  I read a story written by my friend Bucky Gleason this morning and I agree with every word of it.  I have been off of the Ryan Miller bandwagon for quite some time but this is the first time anyone from the MSM has backed me up.  I take back everything I have said about you Mr. Gleason, you are finally attacking the right people.

For all the heart-stopping, how-did-he- do-that saves he’s made this season, Miller has allowed heart-breaking, why-can’t- he-stop-that goals with troubling regularity. When all the equipment bags are packed away for the summer, the Sabres can look toward them for evidence of too many points kissed away.

I couldn't have said it any better than that.  The problem I have is that nobody has been critical of Miller all season, they are constantly blaming the defense.  Miller is in the final year of his contract and will probably want to be over paid like Campbell did.  If Buffalo decides not to re-sign him for big money they will be criticized even more harshly than they were for letting go of the captains.


I had plans to write a post on the future of this team and I probably still will but Heather B. at Top Shelf has a great post today about that very topic.  I agree with just about everything written in that post, it's almost scary how much we think alike regarding the future of this team.

I still think I'd rather be out of the playoffs with players who still have room to grow and improve and salary space to add some missng pieces than be a 5 or 6 seed that still doesn't really have much of a chance at a Cup but is now up against it financially and committed long-term to older players.

That is the one part of the post that stood out to me.  This team is young and talented and the future should be very, very bright for years to come.