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Sabres grab bag

I wish I had more time to make a post today but unfortunately I didn't, instead I'll feed you some interesting Sabres stories to follow...

The Teppo Numminen saga continues and has taken many turns throughout the season.  In the summer it was unclear he would be signed but he did and in turn failed his physical.  He had major heart surgery and it appeared that his season was over but in December he started skating.  In January he was put on the shelf but this week he resurfaced back on the ice.  The latest is news that he filed a grievance back in November.

What does this all mean in the grand scheme of things?  I honestly don't think it means a whole lot.  Teppo Numminen wants to play hockey and if he is healthy he can probably help the teams depleted defense.  I don't think this grievance will have any bearing on him playing but I'm not sure that he will be in game shape to help this team.  I guess we'll all just have to wait and see how it plays out but let's hope that the off ice issues don't affect the team on the ice.

 Kevin Sylvester has a very interesting blog post about the Sabres leading the league in scoring.  That's right the Sabres lead the league in scoring despite losing Chris Drury, Daniel Briere and Brian Campbell.  

That’s right.  Following the 7-4 win over the Lighting, the Sabres moved atop the league in scoring.  That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for a team that was supposedly decimated last summer and at this year’s trade deadline.

It’s actually not that amazing.  It’s a testament to good coaching, scouting, and development.  The team has great young talent that is performing now.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have liked to see Chris Drury accept Buffalo’s offer and the same with Brian Campbell.  But the money the Sabres have spent on Vanek and Roy, and will commit on Pominville, Paille, Stafford, and Bernier, will be a wise investment.  Name me a team in the NHL that wouldn’t be first in line to have those names on their roster for a future foundation.

I had to put this in the post because I have been trying to say this for the entire season but people didn't want to listen.  It's nice to get some justification from someone who is close to the organization.

 Kevin at BfloBlog has an interesting post about the game last night.  It appears that Kevin agrees with what we have been saying over here regarding the game and Ryan Miller.

I love this team, but they frustrate me on a weekly basis. And as an aside, is there anyone out there who trusts Ryan Miller anymore? I wish I could make a YouTube video of all the short-side slappers he has given up from the faceoff circle over the past season. It has to average one per night.

Once again my thoughts are validated about Ryan Miller.  I have been extremely critical of Miller and have received some criticism about it.  There was a time when I was confident with Miller in net but now I never feel safe with him between the pipes.