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[open thread] Buffalo Sabres @ Detroit Red Wings


6:00PM TV:MSG Radio:WGR55

This will be the only meeting of the season between the Sabres and Red Wings.  The Red Wings are the leagues best team at 90 points but they are just 1-7-2 in their last 10.  The last time these two teams met was the day of the big storm that hit Buffalo, October 13, 2006 and Buffalo won 3-2 despite being thoroughly outplayed.  The Sabres have been very inconsistent of late playing really well on some nights and really poorly on others.  This will be the third game since trading away Brian Campbell and they are 1-1 beating Nashville 8-4 and losing to Montreal 6-2.

I put this thread up really early because I am not sure what time I am leaving for the game.  It will be the first time I attend a game this season and I am excited like a little kid is on Christmas morning.  I hope that everyone comments on this thread so I remember what happened in the game after my ride home.  I look forward to hearing from everyone tonight.  

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Buffalo Leaders

Goals:Thomas Vanek 27
Assists:Jason Pominville 40
Points:Jason Pominville 59
Plus/minus:Derek Roy +13
PIM:Andrew Peters 85

Red Wings Leaders

Goals:Henrik Zetterberg 36
Assists:Pavel Datsyuk 52
Points:Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk 75
Plus/minus:Nick Lidstrom +39
PIM:Aaron Downey 99

Projected Sabres lines