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Sabres comeback keeps the playoffs in sight

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The Tampa Bay Lightning wish they could play 40 minute games against the Buffalo Sabres.  For the second time this season they failed to close out the Sabres when they had them on the ropes.  The Sabres scored six third period goals to comeback from down 4-1 to win 7-4 at HSBC Arena.  Thomas Vanek netted a hat trick for the second time this season against Tampa Bay and Jason Pominville had two goals and two assists for Buffalo.  

If you think back to about a month ago when Buffalo beat Tampa Bay, tonight was eerily similar.  I'm sure I could have cut out my post from that night and posted it here.  It's not often I give up on a game but once again I did tonight.  What's the saying fool me once...shame on you, fool me twice...shame on me, that certainly held true tonight.  

Buffalo fell behind 2-0 early in the game but I thought they were playing well in the first period.  It was disheartening to see the way they played in the second period.  They seemed to lack the heart and desire that it takes to compete for a playoff spot.  The Lightning out shot Buffalo 8-2 in the second period and scored two goals to take a 4-1 lead going into the final frame.  It was Lecavalier who scored both second period goals but more importantly it was Lydman and Tallinder on the ice.  Last time I checked Lecavalier is pretty good but for some reason they left him all alone while four Sabres players converged on the puck.  The Lightning's fourth goal wasn't much better as they allowed Lecavalier to get behind the defense and in on a breakaway.

Note to self:  Don't allow Vinny Lecavalier to be left alone!

I'm obviously excited that Buffalo won the game but I'm really getting sick of this Jeckyl and Hyde thing they have going on.  Last Wednesday they get demolished by Pittsburgh 7-3 but now they have score seven, six and seven in their last three games.  They will need to better in their last eight if they are going to make the playoffs because it is going to take 10 or 11 points to get that final spot.  The Laughs come to town on Friday so we are sure to see a good game.