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What to watch tonight

With the Sabres in the thick of the playoff and no game tonight we have to do a little score board watching.  There is no shortage of important games tonight that will affect the Eastern Conference playoff race.

  1.  Rangers: 83 pts (+4)  vs. Pittsburgh
  1.  Bruins: 83 pts (+4)  off
  1.  Philedelphia: 80 pts (+1)  vs. Atlanta (Versus)
  1.  Sabres: 79 pts  off
  1. Capitals: 78 pts (-1)  @ Nashville
  1. Panthers: 78 pts (-1)  off
  1. Maple Leafs: 74 pts (-4) @ NY Islanders

Buffalo is one point behind Philly for the eighth and final playoff spot, both teams have nine games remaining.  The Philadelphia game will be televised nationally on Versus and is  a must watch game for Sabres fans.