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Huge Weekend has Sabres back in the race

Unfortunately for me my day job turned into my day & Night job last night and I missed the first period.  It was probably the 13 hours of work that did it but I was in and out of consciousness in the third period as well.  Basically I can't really speak intelligently about the Leafs game, let's be honest I struggle with speaking intelligently anyway.  The Sabres beat the Leafs handily beating them 6-2 in Toronto.  The Sabres play the Leafs two more times in their final nine games.  

At 7:25 on Friday the Sabres playoff hopes looked bleak and now they seem to have life.  A weekend sweep of the Carolina Hurricanes and the Toronto Maple Leafs changed everything.  It's not just that Buffalo won but it's how they did it, outscoring their opponents 13-4 in the two games.  The Sabres have a couple of days off before the stretch run, the next game is Wednesday at home against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  The game with the Lightning is the odd game because after that they play a home and home with every team in the division.  The final eight games see the Sabres playing one home game and one road game against the Leafs, Canadiens, Senators and Bruins.

The Sabres are currently one point behind the Flyers for the eighth spot and three points behind the Boston Bruins.  The Sabres have played one more game than each of those two teams so today will be a day of scoreboard watching.  The Penguins and Flyers are playing a nationally televised game at noon today on NBC, I wonder what the ratings will be on that game.  I would normally say they would be pretty high considering how important a game it is for Buffalo fans but it is the St. Patty's day parade which is a tradition in Buffalo.  The Bruins and Capitals play at 3 o'clock and that should be another game for scoreboard watching.