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[open thread] Sabres vs. Devils

Time: 7:00 TV: MSG Radio: WGR55

After a much needed win last night the Sabres return home to take on the New Jersey Devils.  The Sabres will finally get a taste of home ice after playing most of January on the road.  The matchup with the Devils has not been favorable this year, with Buffalo losing all three games in a shootout.  I would have to look it up but I'm pretty sure that two teams have never went to a shootout all four times they have played in a season.  Here's to a Sabres win, in regulation!

As per usual this thread is meant to spur conversation and create a Buffalo Sabres community.  If you're watching the game you might as well join us and chat a little bit.  I highly recommend you create a free account and grab a beer and join us for some good conversation.