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NHL Trade deadline

The NHL trade deadline is today at 3pm Eastern and there are Buffalo Sabres who may be on the move.  Maybe there are certain players you would like to see the Sabres go after.  This will be the official trade deadline thread so feel free to post your ideas here.  If you don't have a free account yet than now is the time to get one.  I look forward to chatting with you throughout the day regarding who may or may not be members of the Buffalo Sabres.  We aren't limited to Buffalo Sabres talk because the trade deadline day is a fun day all together.

If you are a fan of the trade deadline you probably go to that site that charges people to hear rumors.  His cover is finally blown, a cover that has been blown many times in the blogosphere, but a member of the MSM outed said fraud.  Apparently he claimed sources he didn't have and pissed off the wrong person because here it is.  It's about time someone out this fraud.  I have stayed away from commenting on this subject but since the MSM wants this to come out it is very important that we get this guy exposed.

{Update 11:14am} I'm off to work but I will try to log in periodically throughout the day if possible.  If anything happens feel free to post it in the comments.