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Brian Campbell: Staying or Going

We have been getting conflicting reports as to what is going to happen with Brian Campbell. We hear Darcy Regier talk about getting Campbell to sign a new contract and we get Brian Campbell saying he wants to stay in Buffalo. Today Larry Kelly, the agent for Campbell, is quoted as saying he felt that the game Monday night would be the last game for Brian Campbell in a Sabres uniform. As you can see the reports are conflicting.

The Sabres are obviously not serious about signing Campbell which is evident in their three year offer to Campbell but if he really wanted to stay he would counter offer and he didn't. This is simialr to the Drury and Briere situation where they say they want to stay but as soon as they get an offer they turn it down and they don't counter. It sounds to me like Campbell wants to walk and if that is the case than let him walk.

As a fan of the Sabres I would just let him finish out his contract and play out the season. If the Sabres trade him away and get nothing in return they are essentially giving up on the season. As a fan I feel they have an opportunity to compete in the Eastern Conference which is wide open. There is not a favorite in the Eastern Conference because of the recent decline of the Ottawa Senators. If the Sabres want to take a realistic shot at a cup run they should not trade their best defenseman. I guess we'll find out whta happens in the next 14 hours.