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Buffalo Sabres...The one that got away

Tonight is the one that got away for the Buffalo Sabres.  I could be talking about a lot of things, the win, Daniel Briere or maybe even Brian Campbell (although he is still here as of now).  The Sabres jumped out to a 3-0 lead and appeared to be in control of the game but 17 seconds after the Sabres went up by three Jeff Carter put the Flyers on the board.  The Flyers added another goal before the end of the first to pull within 3-2.

The two teams traded chances before the Sabres Jason Pominville took a penalty for clearing the puck over the glass and R.J. Umberger tied the game at three in the third.  The Flyers had two really good chances in overtime but could not score and Daniel Briere ended up getting the game winner in the shootout.

Where do I start in talking about this game?  The Sabres had a 3-0 lead, three to frigging nothing and they blew it!  How can they consider themselves a playoff team and blow a 3-0 lead against a team that was on a 10 game winless streak?  This game could be a back breaker for the Sabres in their quest for a playoff spot.  They are currently tied with Philly at 68 points but the Flyers are being aggressive while the Sabres are possibly unloading their best defenseman.  Did I mention how much I hate the penalty for clearing the puck over the glass?  It seems that penalty always comes back to haunt this team...remember the Eastern Conference Finals against Carolina?

I'll try to talk more rationally about the game when I calm down but I'm still very upset so that is it for tonight.