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Are the Sabres buying or selling?

After winning two consecutive games the Sabres are currently tied for sixth place in the Eastern Conference.  With a plethora of home games remaining you would think the Sabres will be buying but what about Campbell?  I personally don't see anything happening with Campbell which means that Darcy Regier will need to pull out all the stops to get this guy signed.  Regier has his back against the wall because if he decides to trade Campbell he will be criticized for giving up on the season.  On the flip side, if Campbell decides to leave as a free agent at the end of the season, Darcy will be criticized for not getting anything in return.  The only logical solution is to sign him but Campbell knows the position the sabres are in.

If the Sabres are actually buyers at the deadline, what are their needs?  It really depends on the health of Tim Connolly, Max Afinogenov and Drew Stafford.  If all three are healthy enough to play and contribute, the Sabres are in pretty good shape offensively.  If they can not count on them, they are in desperate need of some scoring.  The Sabres have played well as of late but eventually teams will focus on shutting down the top line of Vanek, Roy and whoever is lucky enough to play on their line.  I think the Sabres need to try to acquire some more offensive firepower irregardless of those three players.  It has become painfully obvious that they will not be able to rely on the health of any of them.

I'll have more on guys they should target tomorrow but I would love to hear your suggestions.  Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or you could write a diary about a player they should target and why they should target them.  Stay tuned for trade updates and if a trade is made make sure to write a diary.