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Sabres flop in the Big City

The most painful part of the Sabres loss was the opponent and the fact that Sean Avery had two goals.  Sean Avery is one of the most hated players in the league by both the players and fans alike.  The second goal by Avery was an absolute disgrace, he basically skated right by Toni Lydman who stood and watched.  Lydman was so reluctant to get close to Avery you would have thought that he had the bubonic plague.

I don't want to talk too much about the game because of how bad it was but there is no way to run and hide.  The whole team needs to accept responsibility and move on.  I am glad that Ryan Miller had an awful game because he had been playing so well that this will bring him back to reality.  In addition to that, maybe he will think twice before he publicly criticizes his teammates for poor play because he will realize that it happens to everyone.

Let's take a look at what some other people are saying about the flop in New York...

Heather B. at Top shelf had this to say...

Geez, this game really sucked. And it had to be the Rangers. Ugh. More later when I'm not so disgusted.

I couldn't say it any better myself so I won't.

Ultimate Sports Road Trip did a live blog and here is part of it...

12:25 %$%#@!!!! And here comes Thibault......useless USRT stat: The Sabres have been outscored 18-4 in the last four games that we’ve been in the press box for, including two yankings of Ryan Miller. Blame us....go right ahead we can take it.

I thought we'd put that in there because now we know why the Sabres looked so bad.  Truthfully it really tells the tale of how poorly Ryan Miller played in the fact that he was replaced just 12:25 in to the game.

Ryan at Goose's Roost has a post about the game and Brian Campbell, an interesting read...

Also, Brian Campbell was a minus 4 today. I know everyone is going to yell and scream that he sucks and should be traded, but I just don't agree. Miller let in four goals on 11 shots and no one is screaming for him to be moved. Campbell should be traded because he won't be re-signed and it is in the best interest of the team to get something in return.

This is what is great about the internet and blogs in particular, everyone has an opinion.  Ryan obviously is strong willed about Brian Campbell while Heather at Top Shelf continues to talk about how poorly Campbell has played.  Ironically enough I agree with both of them.  I have been closely watching Campbell trying to find flaws in his game (not because I don't like him but because I'm trying to justify a lower salary for him).

Here is quote from Lindy Ruff in the official recap at

"We got outbattled in the paint. We got outbattled behind the net," Sabres coach Lindy Ruff said. "It hasn't happened in a long time. You're going to lose some battles but we lost them consistently for the first 10 minutes."

With that we'll move on and look forward to the game today against the Penguins.